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Custom Synthesis:

Soltec Ventures is a manufacturer of all the products on this website. Scores of years of experience and tens of thousands reactions performed by our chemists allows us to offer custom synthesis. We can offer valued experience to your research project.

Bulk Quotations:

Virtually all the products can be offered at lower prices for larger than offered quantities. This offers a number of advantages to the customer including lower pricing and lot number traceability to name a few.

Blanket Orders:

Many of our customers conducting clinical diagnostic research will place a blanket order for a particular product and take delivery of the product over a series of deliveries. We offer substantial discounts for these orders and can offer to ship the same lot number over many deliveries.

This is a tremendous resource to the customer. Your product delivered over time is traceable and reproducable. This is a great resource for customers working in cGMP projects.

Set aside to deliver on customers requested release you are guaranteed the product is in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Technical Service:

Call or email our technical service chemists. They have an extensive knowledge of the chemistry behind these products.