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(Biotinylation Reagent)

B108   Biotin hydrazide
[ 66640-86-6 ]   f.w.: 258.3 daltons

Hydrazide biotin is a short length, hydrazide activated biotinylation reagent for labeling glycoproteins and other carbohydrate containing compounds having oxidizable sugars or aldehydes.

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Spacer arm 15.7 angstroms. Carbohydrate reactive biotinylation reagent. Biotinylates immunoglobulins without loss of immunological activity. Use at pH 4-6 to complete coupling reaction. Purity >95% by TLC.

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  • Biotin hydrazide biotinylates glycosylated proteins at sialic acid residues for detection or purification using streptavidin probes or resins 
  • Biotinylate and isolate cell surface glycoproteins
  • Aldehyde reactive reacts with aldehydes formed by periodate oxidation of sugar groups 
  • Hydrazide activated perform reactions at pH 4 to 6 in buffers such as sodium acetate 
  • Biotin hydrazide is irreversible and forms semi-permanent hydrazone bonds; spacer arm cannot be cleaved 
  • Solubility-usually dissolved in DMSO before further dilution in aqueous buffers 
  • Spacer arm 15.7 angstroms