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(Protein Crosslinker homobifunctional)

CL106   Bis[2-(succinimidooxycarbonyloxy)ethyl]sulfone
  f.w.: 436.4 daltons

BSOCOES is a homobifunctional NHS ester crosslinker with a base cleavable spacer arm for reversible crosslinking between primary amines.

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50mgm $52.20
100mgm $98.60

Spacer arm 13.0 angstroms. Homobifunctional reagent. Cleaveable crosslinker useful for studying receptors and mapping surface polypeptic antigens on lymphocyctes.
1.Bouizar, Z., Fouchereau-Person, M., Taboulet, J., Moukhtar, M.S. and Milhaud, G. (1986). Purification and characterization of calcitonin receptors in rat kidney membranes by covalent crosslinking techniques. Eur. J. Biochem. 155, 141-147.
2.Zarling, D.A., Watson, A. and Bach, F.H. (1980). Mapping of lymphocyte surface polypeptide antigens by chemical crosslinking with BSOCOES. J. Immunol. 124, 913-920.
• Water insoluble
• Base cleavable (pH 11.6, 2 hours, 37C)
• Reactive groups: NHS ester (homobifunctional)
• Reactive towards: amino groups