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(Protein Crosslinker homobifunctional)

CL113   Bis(sulfosuccinimidyl)suberate
[ 82436-77-9 ]   f.w.: 572.4 daltons

BS3 (Sulfo DSS) bis(sulfosuccinimidyl)suberate, is an amine to amine crosslinker that is homobifunctional, water soluble, non cleavable and membrane impermeable.

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Spacer arm 11.4 angstroms. Membrane impermiable crosslinker. Non-cleavable amine reactive water soluble crosslinker used for radiolabeling ligands to cell receptor surfaces. Purity >90% by HPLC.

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•Amine reactive Sulfo NHS ester reacts rapidly with any primary amine containing molecule

•BS3 is water soluble, so crosslinking can be done in physiologic solutions

•Water-soluble crosslinking reagent is ideal for cell surface crosslinking

•High-purity, crystalline BS3 can be used to create high purity crosslinked conjugates