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(Biotinylation Reagent)

B101   N-Hydroxysuccinimidobiotin
[ 35013-72-0 ]   f.w.: 341.4 daltons

NHS Biotin is the simplest NHS ester activated biotinylation reagent for labeling primary amines such as protein lysines, The short spacer arm of NHS biotin allows membrane permeability. This enables NHS biotin to be widely used for general intracellular labeling.

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Spacer arm 13.5 angstroms. Biotinylation reagent. Biotinylates amino acids, peptides or proteins under mild conditions. Purity>95% by TLC. Soluble in DMSO.

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  • NHS biotin biotinylates, amino acids, peptides or proteins under mild conditions
  • Penetrates cell membranes and can be used to label inside cells
  • Soluble in DMSO and DMF. Dissolve in DMSO or DMF prior to dilution in aqueous systems
  • NHS biotin is used to biotinylate antibodies or other proteins for detection or purification using streptavidin probes or resin
  • Forms stable amide bonds therefore the reaction is not reversable