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(Protein Modifier)

M101   N-Succinimidyl-S-acetylthioacetate
[ 76931-93-6 ]   f.w.: 231.2 daltons

SATA is a short chain (2.8 angstrom spacer arm) reagent for covalent modification of primary amines and the addition of a protected yet exposable sulfhydryl group, enabling heterobifunctional crosslinking strategies.

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Spacer arm 2.8 angstroms.Protein modification reagent. Used to introduce protected thiol groups onto primary amines. The protected sulfhydryl prevents dipeptide formation. When treated with hydroxylamine a free sulfhydyl group can then be conjugated to maleimide modified protein. Purity >96% by HPLC. Soluble in DMSO and methylene chloride.

1. Duncan, R.J.S., et al. (1983). A new reagent which may be used to introduce sulfhydryl groups into proteins, and its use in the preparation of conjugates for immunoassay. Anal Biochem 132: 68-73.

  • SATA adds a protected sulfhydryl that can be deprotected by hydroxylamine
  • Allows long-term storage of the sulfhydryl-modified molecule
  • Forms cleavable disulfide bonds with other sulfhydryl-containing molecules
  • SATA reacts with primary amines (lysine residues and the amino terminus of a protein) to form stable amide bonds
  • Preserves protein activity with its mild, non-denaturing reaction conditions