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(Protein Crosslinker imidoester)

CL301   Dimethylpimelimidate hydrochloride
[ 58537-94-3 ]   f.w.: 259.2 daltons

DMP is a homobifunctional imidoester crosslinker used to crosslink membrane proteins. It is water soluble and reactive towards amino groups. DMP reacts rapidly at pH 8-10 and the amide bond formed retains the net and character of the protein.

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Homobifunctional imidoester crosslinker. Water soluble crosslinker that reacts rapidly with amines at pH 8-10. The amide bond formed retains net charge character of the protein. Purity > 95% by titration.

  • Homobifunctional imidoester crosslinker
  • Used to crosslink membrane proteins
  • Reactive towards amino groups
  • Reacts rapidly at pH8-10, water soluble
  • Amidine bond retains net charge character of protein