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(Protein Crosslinker homobifunctional)

CL112   1,2-Di[3-(2-pyridyldithio)propionamido]butane
  f.w.: 482.7 daltons

DPDPB is a cleavable, sulfhydryl reactive homobifunctional crosslinker.

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Spacer arm 19.9 angstroms. Sulfhydryl reactive homobifunctional reagent. Reacts with sulfhydryl to form a mixed disulfide. The disulfide can be readily cleaved with a reducing agent. Purity >90% by HPLC.

  • Forms a mixed disulfide with sulfhydryl-containing compounds; can be cleaved by reducing agents
  • Reactive groups: pyridyldisulfide (homobifunctional)
  • Reactive toward: sulfhydryl groups