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(Protein Crosslinker homobifunctional)

CL110   Ethylene glycolbis(succinimidylsuccinate)
[ 70539-42-3 ]   f.w.: 456.4 daltons

EGS is a crosslinker that contains amine-reactive NHS ester ends around a 12-atom spacer arm, which can be cleaved by treatment with hydroxylamine at pH 8.5.

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Spacer arm 16.1 angstroms. Homobifunctional reagent. Used for crosslinking and reversible immobilization of proteins through their amine groups. This reagent has been used to study structure function relationships. Readily cleaved at pH 8.5 with hydroxlamine for 3-5 hours at 37°C. Purity > 80% by HPLC.

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  • Crosslinks formed are cleavable at pH 8.5 using hydroxylamine for 3-6 hours at 37°C
  • Lactose dehydrogenase retained 60% of its activity after reversible crosslinking with EGS
  • Reaction conditions for water-soluble Sulfo-EGS are similar to EGS
  • Reactive groups: NHS esters (homobifunctional)
  • Reactive towards: amino groups